legion paper was founded in 1994 in new york the legion artist pad collection consists of twelve drawing and watercolour pads, including the renowned stonehenge, lenox, yupo and stonehenge aqua papers, it offers every artist a glorious range of untouched, unrivaled and, perhaps, unexplored surfaces. legion website back to our brands

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Founded in 1919 in Ueno, Tokyo, Platinum Pen Co. is renowned as a manufacturer of fine fountain pens. Throughout the company’s history it has been a constant innovator in the field of writing instruments in 2001 Platinum released their Carbon Ink – an indelible signature ink aimed at the business sector, alongside the modestly titled…

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SEED Radar Erasers

Established in Osaka in 1915, SEED Co., Ltd, first called Kohsaku Miki Rubber Production, then renamed Seed Rubber Co., was among the very first Japanese companies to manufacture erasers. The company begun developing erasers made of soft vinyl chloride in the 1950’s in response to the fluctuating price and quality of natural rubber. SEED were granted…

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sakura color products corporation (株式会社サクラクレパス) are one of japan’s leading manufacturers of stationery and art products founded in osaka in 1921, sakura invented the first oil pastel to combine oil and pigment, which was patented globally as the “cray-pas (クレパス)” trademark in 1982 the firm launched its famous “pigma” marker pen lines in 1984 sakura…

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founded in nara, japan in 1902, as kuretake sumi, the company began in the manufacture of traditional japanese sumi brushes these broad, soft hair, fine-tipped brushes have become popular with watercolour artists for detailing and fine lines kuretake’s brush pens designed for calligraphy have also found new users amongst comic book artists who choose them over…

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maruman are one of japan’s leading manufacturers of paper stationery and art products founded in osaka in 1920, maruman are dedicated to the quality of their products and all of their notebooks and sketchbooks are manufactured in their own factories in japan maruman website back to our brands

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mt masking tape

Founded in 1923 in Tomii, Kamoi Kakoshi Co., Ltd., began as a manufacturer of industrial masking tapes and fly paper. The mt masking tape brand was created in 2008 in partnership with three female design graduates. Fascinated by the potential of masking tape as a creative medium, the three designers created a book filled with designs…

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general pencil company

from their factory in jersey city, nj usa, general pencil company take pride in handcrafting quality pencils and artist materials using traditional methods edward weissenborn opened the first pencil factory in the usa in 1860, and in 1889, he founded what is now general pencil company with his son, oscar a. now family owned and…

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life stationery company is dedicated to producing handmade paper goods of incredible quality founded near tokyo in 1946, the company is dedicated to producing handmade paper for users who are passionate about writing small team of skilled artisans difficult to find outside japan, life’s range of correspondence papers and notebooks feature beautiful, timeless designs along with…

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trusco tool boxes have developed a cult following among makers and hobbyists for their durability, versatility, and inimitable craftsmanship made from pressed steel, these endlessly useful storage boxes combine the industrial look of vintage toolboxes with the precision of modern engineering founded in 1959 as a tool manufacturer to support Japan’s manufacturing industry, the name…

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nt cutter

founded in osaka, japan in 1948 as nippon transfer paper company, nt developed snap blade technology alongside olfa, and patented the nt cutter in 1959 owing to their exceptional quality, nt cutters increasingly became the tool of choice in printing, stationery, paper supplies and hardware businesses nt’s professional stainless steel knife, an iconic design known to many as ‘the red…

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krink is the premier art supply line for a new generation of street artists founded in new york city in 2001 by graffiti artist KR, krink offer a range of paint and ink markers that are unique to the market in their style, history and quality krink website back to our brands    

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m+r’s signature brass sharpeners are respected around the world as much for their design and durability as for the precision delivered by the specially hardened m+r quality blades founded in 1922, in erlangen, germany in the heart of the european pencil industry, möbius+ruppert was the first company to mass produce a pencil sharpener möbius+ruppert is a family owned…

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Awagami is owned and operated by the Fujimori family in Tokushima, Japan. Awagami produces washi paper from natural fibres: Kozo, Bamboo, Mitsumata, Gampi and Hemp for use in Fine Art, Inkjet Printing, Crafts, Interior Design and Art Conservation. Responding to the needs of artists & creators, Awagami focuses on research and development in an ongoing effort…

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Midori began as a producer of writing paper and envelopes, founded in Tokyo in 1950. Midori have since developed a comprehensive range of design-focused stationery and writing materials to perfectly complement their core paper products. In 2008 Midori launched their acclaimed MD paper designed to offer the ‘ultimate writing experience’, based on their original writing paper developed in the…

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founded in in 1924 in voghera, italy, balma capoduri & c. registered the “zenith” trade-mark for it’s mechanical stationery products every product, including packaging and paint is produced within the company functional stationery products remarkable for their technical and aesthetical perfection to maintain high quality standard guaranteed by all ZENITH products, each plier stapler is tested…

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